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Classroom Spy Professional Crack

Classroom Spy Professional Crack Full Version

Classroom Spy Professional Crack work like an admin of the computers who connect to the network. With the help of this software the admin control every activity of other computers, this work and handle to other as administration remotely. The main reason of this software develops to control the PC in the network of any place of the world. This software use in the different department in the life but is more useful in the education field because with the help of this you want to keep an eye on every movement of the students when they use computers or computer lab etc. It is possible with this software.

With the help of this software the admin see the every activity of the computer screen in the running process when the students use the computers it means you see the running program on the desktop where you can on and off the computers. The controller block, reboot, sleep the computer where and illegal activity are run in the network. It also used in the different software caching process. With the help of this software, the admin also records the user’s activity for the evidence because the users browse to the specific website and they do not know the admin watch every activity.

Main Features:

  • Remove desktop users
  • Protect workstation
  • Screen save control
  • Turn off internet connection
  • Display screen to students
  • Adjust volume size
  • Show live creativity of a remote PC
  • Display multiple screen on a single platform
  • Divide computers in various categories
  • See zoom screen in its actual size
  • Get full information about connected users
  • Save remote desktop screens to MPEG format
  • Stop unnecessary programs from installation
  • Reboot, Power on/off and hibernate remote control PC
  • Get full control of a remote device by controlling its hardware


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