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openCanvas Crack Full Version

openCanvas Crack is helpful for making the master drawing. It supports the feature like grouping layers, changes the layer mode, and connection of the mask. Basic use of this software is to edit your images. With the editing, it also helpful for brightness and blur of the images. After editing your images you make this photo profile picture on your facebook. Edit any type of picture and totally changed. There is also another feature in this use that is background scene, it changes the background of your picture. It draws the parallel lines during graphing. Draw and edit any digital images easily. It can totally change the shape of your picture with just single click. You can draw an open canvas pens, pencils, and brushes.openCanvas Crack

Cropping function also available there which you can crop your picture if you want. The additional feature is that you can change the rotation of your picture. There is also a palette of tools like basic filters, the Brush Editor, where you can change shape easily, sensitivity, the convenient palette of colors, etc. After drawing and editing you can save your desired files if you want. The software permits you the classical bitmap, such as a stamp, finger, spot a variety of dimmers. Texting feature also available in this regard which you write anything on your images. This compatible tool also supports Adobe Photoshop PSD files. You can resize your picture and rotated your picture into any degree or any side. There are many types of colors and brushes.

Main Features:

  • Event option save the drawing method for later use
  • Interface customization by docking pallet windows
  • Draw background scene and all type of stylish buildings
  • With ruler, draw parallel linesconcentric circle, and concentrated lines
  • It is compatible with almost all type of Adobe Products
  • With Layer Set, you can put multiple layers for more organization

Whats New 

  1. Text input the major has been fixed
  2. Fix canvas window size by clicking on “Reset Display”
  3. Windows gap has been fixed


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